Whether you prefer short clean locks or a long flowing mane, you have many options when it comes to men hair style options. Today fashion changes frequently and so do the trendy hairstyles. With so many changes how are we to keep up, let alone grow our hair fast enough to sport the new dews. Every variety of our hair cut gives us another opportunity to present ourselves differently. The look for the last few years is clean, keep it clean, whether it be long our short your do should look crisp.

So, what is the all time hair cut? The high and tight, well at least it’s a good base, almost 75% of all short hair cuts are based off it. It is clean around the ears and neck and there is enough length on top to comb, spike, add texture or just leave as is. It is a great starting point for any short hairstyle. Remember, we are talking about the blank canvass so leave some room to work.

You have some short hair and want to spike it? Nice. Based off the high and tight look, spiked hair takes less time to prepare then tying your shoes. Simply put some gel in your hair and spike it how you see fit. This gives you room to add a little bit of your own style to you clean hair cut.

Lets not forget about the simple buzz cut. It looks great all times of the day. You don’t have to do anything to it besides cut it every few weeks. This look is great if you have the right shaped head. When you want to jazz up the buzz simply put a little gel in it.

Looking to grow out your men hair style? When it is around three to four inches in length you get a few more options, put some gel or pomade in it to give it a little kick. If you are really looking to stand out give your hair a few highlights or a little color, this will give it a an extra kick, but it will still look clean and sharp.

Ready to take your hair to the next level, than give it a few more inches in length. The latest trends in men hair style seem to be pointing to a longer razors edge look. Once you have the desired length and it has the proper cut pomade, gel or some natural hair products will give you the control you need and help you keep your new found mane in place. Remember clean is key, and you can pull off a clean look with longer hair it just takes a little bit more work.

No more boot camp or assembly line cuts for men these days. It is time to get your head on right and give yourself the edge you need to stand out in a crowd. You can pull off the new look you want. Whether it be a sexy bed head look or a professional business ethos, you simply need to get the right hair products for the right men hair style. Have some fun and play around with products in the long run you will be happy you spent the extra bucks finding a product that works with your hair.

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