Hair styles come and go, so what’s come in so far in 2009. Hair styling fads and trends are ever-changing with every year bringing a new exciting approach to the world of hair and what hair salons can do. There are new products and techniques, new colour trends and new cuts, all of which come in and out of favour with designers and the public.

Short Hair trends:

For 2009 so far there have been several trends that have emerged with predictions of the future of hair styling. Of course at the core of the hair styling industry and what is being perfected in hair salons across the country is the Bob.

What started out as the “Posh” bob of 2008 has quickly transformed into a hair style that can be adapted and changed to suit the personality and individuality of any person from short, spiky and textured bobs to sleek angled edges bobs. There has been an emergence of one popular style where the front hair of a person’s bob will actually reach their collarbones while being cut angled towards the back so that the nape of the neck is exposed. This style creates excellent angles and an immediate sophisticated look, but is meant for straight hair due to its emphasis on the angle of the cut.

There is also a move towards the traditional bob, the 1920’s flapper bob look with a straight blunt fringe with a bold colouring. This style is particularly popular for those wishing to make a statement with their hair. Additionally, many people that adopted the “Posh” bob of 2008 are now cutting into their bobs and adding volume and layers for a softer look that compliments most people’s faces and styles.

Long Hair trends:

If you have long hair and are not willing to lose it for the latest trend of short dos, then there is one popular trend that can add that stylish edge to simple straight long hair. Simply add some texture with some well placed layers and mix it up with a plait across your hairline or down the side with a bohemian twist. Not to mention, long hair has the ability to be turned into some truly stunning up dos including quiffs, braiding and waving.

Other popular hair styling trends for 2009 have been fringes of either with blunt and side swept proving highly adaptable to most people’s existing styles and face shapes. While fringes are always complimentary, there is one particular trend for hair in 2009 that is certainly not for the faint-hearted. That is the super short, full fat fringe which is perfect if you like the rock-chick look. What has been highly popular is the return to retro style hair especially the 1940’s with sleek up styles and kinks in long hair.


Finally with colour, it seems bold is in with red being the colour of choice for 2009 with people opting for anything from deep red and copper tones to brighter orange-based reds. Of course if going for a full head of red hair is too much, then there are options for a red streak through the hair.

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