Hair says a lot about us. I know we are dealing with mid life and menopause symptoms, and all that goes with it, but our hair can sometimes determine how good our day will be. How often have we walked out of our bathroom, to start the day, totally defeated, because of a “Bad Hair Day”? Because I really do love who we are; strong, wise, wonderful women, I want that first impression of us to be a positive one. And I want us to feel good about ourselves. Maybe with just a tweak, to our hair, we all will feel more confident.

If we wear our hair short, totally natural, boring, and easy to maintain, what does that really say to the world? What are we saying when we don’t even have time to check the back of our heads for “sleep spot” before we head out the door? (This one is very telling on Sunday mornings, when one is looking at the back of lots of bed heads in church).If all we wear, everyday, is our damp hair up, in a clip or scrunchy, as we run out the door, might we consider something else?

Do we spend more on hairspray than vitamin supplements? Helmet head is really the other end of the spectrum here. The hair is curled and then combed into place, and then just glued there. Another rendition of hairspray hair may be a person who is still stuck in the 80’s with “big” hair. Or someone is touting chocolate ho-ho bangs, (the short, straight bangs, curled under with a curling iron, and then sprayed with in an inch of their lives). Let’s leave all this hair spray to the fashion icon, The Donald, and his comb over. Our hair should be shiny and soft, and move in a breeze.

Because of our menopause symptoms, we all feel like we could use a little more hair, (like Mr. Trump). If you are especially concerned, have your diet, as well as your blood work checked. See your doctor, or a dermatologist that specializes in hair. Both will know about the latest treatments what might work best for you.

One of the easiest ways to look younger, fresher, updated, and put together is with our hair. So where do we start?

Start looking at hair styles, and stylish women on the subway, at the coffee counter, when getting a manicure. Ask that person in line with you at the market, where she gets her hair cut. She will love that you asked, will love what you noticed, and will grab the name and number off of her phone, right then and there.

Check out a local style show, like at a major department store, the club, or a mall fashion show. See who is doing the hair for the runway. Look in the program at a charity event, or a silent action. These salons will be listed. Great salons attract great stylists.

Check into trying out a different stylist. Drop into other salons, ask questions. Is the place busy, is it clean? Look them over, do the stylists look put together, or stuck in a time warp as well?

Book a consultation first. Have the stylist look at you with your clothes on, not in a cape, for your consultation. They should ask you things like: What are your favorite colors, where do you spend most of your time? What is your lifestyle?

Tell them what you like and dislike about your hair.

Bring a picture of the style you like.

Tell them how you live, how much time you have to work with your hair, how much effort you want to put into your look.

Be open to what they say and what they would do.

Book them, if you feel good about this stylist, or tip them very well, and try someone else.

Once you decide to sit in a new chair, with a new stylist, don’t be rude, but don’t talk their leg off. While they are working one you, let them concentrate on how your hair naturally lies.

Yes, it will be different, yes; it might be a new color. Yes, it might be parted differently, and yes, you will need to be able to work with it. But remember, yes, it is different; it is updated, thank goodness.

Geez, if we can have babies, run a household and totally plan, as well as work, a big event, surely we can move forward with a new hairstyle.( We might even be able to move on to a new updated makeup routine?)

If we decide on a different hair or highlight color, remember that it needs to look natural. The colors should blend into each other for shine and sun kissed highlights. For darker hair, go for slightly lighter highlights, it adds richness and depth. Keep colors warm and natural: gold, honey, toffees. Stay away from black, artificial reds and white blond.

Once we have found a color, or colors we really like, keep it maintained. I have to go to my stylist every four weeks, my hair grows really fast. Some of my girlfriends can wait eight weeks. It depends, but we need to keep our color maintained, conditioned and shiny.

When deciding on do it yourself, at home, keep it simple. Staying close to our younger, natural hair color usually shows best. Start with a test, snip off about 20 hairs from the back of the head, and adjust up or down the amount of color from there, lighter or darker. Write down how the formula was adjusted, and keep the numbers with the box and brand of color. Remember to start lighter, and go darker from there.

We get more depth when you mix two different colors, for example: 7/8’s of the one your base, and 1/8 of a highlight color, i.e. gold brown to red, warm light brown to blonds, rich nutmeg to brunettes, brown spice to black.

When touching up at the roots, for emergencies. Use A� of your normal formula, just at the hairline and part. A lot of the companies also have a touch up kits with special touch up combs, just for that color, and the brand you selected.

Longer or shorter, natural, gray or colored to the nines, it’s all good. Just like whom we are, variety and being true to ourselves is the key. It’s so important to find a hairdresser that can work with us, we like going to, as well as someone we want to get to know better. This relationship is an important one, it is your hair, in their hands.

Make sure that the new style fits your lifestyle, reflects the inner beauty of who you are, and gives you confidence when you go out the door. When you invest in yourself it shows, and you are so worth it. Enough said. I wish you all “good hair days.”

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