Are you a fun loving and carefree person? Do you want your hairstyle to reflect your personality? Then shags are the perfect choice for you. Shag hairstyles are easy to maintain and they fit perfectly for all hair length. Shags suit both men and women. It is popular among the teens and the carefree.

Types of Shag Hairstyles

What is Shag Hairstyles ?

Shag hairstyle is all about being messy on purpose. It requires very less styling and maintenance needs. It reflects a carefree and confident attitude. Shags usually have layers. The type and arrangement of layers depend on the hair length.

Short Shags: Short shags have several layers usually framing the face. There are some fewer layers at the back to present that uniform appearance.

Medium Shags:  Layers can be many or few for medium length hair. If you have more layers it will give a voluminous look and they will some what lighten the hair. If the layers are fewer you get that smooth and sleek look.

Long Shags:  Long shags have usually very fewer layers. If layers are many, long hair may give that unkempt and ragged look.

Shag Haircuts Secrets

You can add details to your shag hairstyle according to your personal taste and preferences. Shag styles can be easily modified to suit individual requirements. As shags are quick to style and easy to maintain it is very popular among the teens. With shags, it is easy to get that personalized, unique and individual look. You can add variety to shags easily.

  • You can add highlights to your shag style.
  • You can sport vibrantly colored streaks.
  • You can use attention grabbing hair accessories with your shag hairstyle.

Selecting the Best Shag Hairstyles

Length of the hair plays an important role in selecting a suitable shag hairstyle. Short shags take longer time to grow. So if you decide to change the shag, with short hair, it is not immediately possible. But with long hair if you want your shag style to be changed your hair can be easily trimmed away.

When choosing a suitable shag hairstyle do not forget to consider your face shape. Long hair best compliments a round shaped face. Bangs and fringes suit angular facial features nicely. Shags are not suitable if the texture of the hair is very fine. To get a uniform look with shag you have to use special styling products.

If you do not want to spend too much of time styling your hair go for shag hairstyles.

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