I could say that over styling is the major cause of female hair loss, but I believe that over styling is merely the result of one bigger thing – vanity. Which is why I therefore conclude that vanity is the major cause of female hair loss.

Let me first say that vanity and over styling are not the only causes of female hair loss or hair thinning, for that matter. There is of course natural reasons or cause of female hair loss. Factors like sickness, hormonal imbalance, stress and medication are categorized into this section. These type of causes of hair loss can be treated by consulting professionals such as hair stylists and doctors.

However, I would like to focus on improper hair care that can become a major cause of female hair loss – because these factors are self inflicted and easier to prevent.

Although you may think that you are doing your hair a favor with all the hair styles and treatments that you are using on your head, the truth is that you are only boosting your morale in doing all these. Excessive use of styling products and hair treatment may cause some serious damage on your scalp, which can also lead to permanent hair loss.

Here are some facts that you should ponder on, because you may be guilty of being the primary cause of female hair loss – for yourself.

Tight Hair Styles

Pigtails, Braids, tight rollers, tight pony tails and cornrows can cause traction alopecia. Traction Alopecia is a type of hair thinning that is caused by trauma to the scalp which can also lead to permanent hair loss or baldness.

Yes, it is nice to keep your hair nice and neat and away from your face, but you should be aware of how tight you wind your hair up in whatever hairstyle that you decide to use. The body has its way of preserving itself from damage. When it feels that your scalp is undergoing trauma caused by the tightness or pull of the hair strands from your scalp, it will shut down the hair follicles in that scalp area and keep it from growing hair strands.

Salon Treatments

Perms, hot oil treatments and hair relaxers may cause inflammation and irritation of the scalp. Just like with tight hair styles, if the body feels that your scalp is under threat from infections and damage, it will shut down and leave you hairless in certain areas of your scalp.

Excessive use of hair irons and hot styling products

Some women cannot live without their hair dryer. It is understandable, because everyone wants to look good and that is one way of making sure that your hair is in its best shape. However, using these hot styling products on your hair every single day can not only damage the hair strand itself – it can also do some serious damage on your scalp.

So what are you supposed to do with your hair now that you know that most of the things that make your hair look good and make you feel great are considered the cause of female hair loss?

The best solution begins with moderation and keeping yourself well informed. Instead of jumping into one treatment to another, consult a professional hair care professional or stylist who can provide you with expert opinion on how you can look good without compromising your hair and scalp’s well being.

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