Fortunately for the women of today, gone are the days when they would have to endure having an odd and unnatural-looking contraption attached to their scalps in the form of a hair weave. The advancements in technology also brought about improvements in the many different services offered by stylists in salons so you can now let your personal style shine with today’s top black hair weave hairstyles.

A Quick Look at What Weave Styles are All About

Before enumerating the styles that you can wear, let’s first take a look at how weaves are incorporated into your strands and what their styling benefits are.

Basically, a hair weave (also known as an extension) is a treatment offered by stylists in salons which provide women (and men) with natural black hair the option of having longer, thicker hair – without having to actually wait for it to grow. As the name implies, there is a weaving process wherein either natural or human hair will be incorporated into your own natural locks and it is attached quite close to the scalp.

Now, there are different types of black hair weaves that you can choose from. There are styles which can cover your entire scalp. If you have shoulder-length black hair, for example, you can have a hair weave so that you will instantly have hair that reaches all the way down to your waist.

For black women who do not like the natural texture of their hair, having weaves and extensions incorporated into their locks is a great way to get an instant makeover.

The Hottest Black Hair Weave Styles of Today

So what are the today’s hottest black hair weave styles that you can try? Take a look at some instant makeover hair styles that you can ask your stylist to create for you:

Long and Curly

Whether she’s mingling with the audience or judging models on her two shows, you will often see Tyra Banks wearing long, curly black weave hair styles which just look absolutely gorgeous on her. You can go for Tyra Banks’ long and luxurious locks look by having a long and curly black weave incorporated into your natural hair.

Natural Black Weaves

If you’re attending a formal event, going for a natural black weave hair style is the best way to go. An example of this is a kinky afro weave for that natural-looking hair that’s fun and ultra-glam!


Those who would like to sport the romantic hairstyles of eras gone by will make a dramatic entrance by wearing cascading weaves hair styles.

Short and Sexy

If you want to have a hair style that is low-maintenance, sleek and sexy, have your stylist create a short weave for you.

Add a splash of color to your Weaves!

Finally, no hottest black hair weave styles list will ever be complete without having a splash of color to your hair. You can either ask your stylist to add a weave which matches the current length of your hair in contrasting or blending colors.

All in all, having a hair weave is a great way to improve the texture, add some length, color and a whole lotta style to your natural hair – so this is something that you should definitely go for!

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