Long hair is the most versatile when it comes to creating various looks. There are hundreds of ways that you can dress up or dress down a long hairstyle. However, a long hairstyle can sometimes look limp and boring. So, the challenge is to create a long hairstyle that has a lot of movement and volume.

Trends for Long hairstyles

Long hairstyles are great because they can easily be taken from a casual ponytail all the way to a formal up do. There are a few classic trends that have been dominating the scene for those with long hair styles.

First of these trends is the classic layers. Cutting layers into your hair will add great volume and movement. It will prevent the usual drab look that long hair sometimes gets. Layers will help the hairstyle frame your face and accentuate the shape of your jaw.

Another common trend is the low ponytail. Low ponytails are great because they are very versatile. They can go from office to a night out on the town. The key for a great low pony tail is to add a lot of curls in your hair. With the curls in place, the low ponytail will look much softer and more attractive.

Lastly, the bun is a timeless style. By styling a bun either on the lower or upper part of your head, you can get your long hair out of the way. This look is much cleaner and sleeker. If your hair is long enough, you can even try putting brains around the bun.

Tips for Maintaining Beautiful Long Hair

A long hairstyle calls for a lot of care and maintenance. The beginning of a great hair regimen is always the shampoo. Find a shampoo that best addresses you hair condition. Get a good quality shampoo and although you may pay more, it will be worth it. Also, remember to condition your hair at least one week. Massage your scalp and let the product seep in. If necessary, apply other treatments that will help make your hair healthier.

Also, your hair is affected by your lifestyle. If possible, drink vitamins and other supplements. This will ensure that you always have a great head of long, shiny hair.

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