Nothing ruins a day, a week or an entire month more than an unflattering haircut which you cannot do anything about. Unless you are willing to wear hair extensions, you will probably be stuck with the hair style that you have for a few weeks or months while waiting for it to grow back.

This is precisely the reason why you need to really think about the hair style that you want to have before finally sitting down in a salon chair. Would you just like to update your look without doing anything drastic with your hair? Then you can probably opt for a layered cut.

But what if you want a total makeover? The color and the cut of the hair would play a big factor in this, and you should also consider one important thing: the shape of your face.

Choose a Hair Style that will Flatter the Shape of Your Round Face

When you go for a hair cut which flatters the shape of your face, you will definitely be satisfied with the results. Let’s say that you have a heart-shaped face. A long, layered cut will work best for this because it will elongate your face a bit more while the wisps of hair on the side will frame your cheeks and the line from your neck to your shoulder.

But what if you have a round-shaped face? Here, we will take a look at the many suitable hairstyles for round faces.

Ask Your Stylist: Which Hair Styles for Round Faces will Look Great on Me?

Aside from the shape of your face, the texture and volume of your hair will also be considered when thinking about the best hair styles for round faces that will suit you. Take a look at some possibilities that you can choose from:

Medium or long cut with layered bangs

Instead of opting for a hair cut with straight, heavy or no bangs at all, the best hair style for round face that you should go for is one with layered bangs. Whether you have medium-length or long hair, the layered cut on the bangs will draw the attention upwards, giving your rounded face more depth.

Long hair with the part centered

If you don’t want to sport bangs at all, the best hair styles for round faces that you can go for is one which reaches well beyond your shoulders, and is parted at the center. The center partition will frame and elongate your face a bit more. You can wear this in an ultra-straight, sleek style, wavy or curly.

The Bob

Whether it’s the Rihanna bob, the Victoria Beckham bob or an updated, layered bob, this  design for round faces is a great way to also elongate and frame your round-shaped face. Plus, there’s a bonus of your looking like a celebrity, so why would you not go for it?

At the end of the day, choosing among the many hair styles for round faces that you can select from is all a matter of deciding what looks good and you, and which hair style you feel that you look your best in. As long as you consider the shape of your face in choosing the hair style to update your look with, you’ll be all set.

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