London hairdressers are renowned for being the best in the world. Many of the biggest names in the business are from the UK and cut the hair of the rich and famous. But who are they and how did they become so famous?

Vidal Sassoon

Perhaps the biggest name in hair, Vidal Sassoon changed the face of hairdressing forever. This London born hairdresser was famous for various geometric styles and the ‘bob cut’, which were particularly popular during the 60s. He was considered the rock star of the hairdressing world and regularly flew around crafting hair styles for fashion shows, commercials, movies and stage shows for the rich and famous.

Vidal Sassoon’s name is adorned on hair care products and hair salons globally and is famous for the 1980s Proctor and Gamble TV commercials which said “If you don’t look good, we don’t look good”. At the ripe old age of 83 he is still going strong and living in the US. A movie was released in 2010 about his life called ‘Vidal Sassoon: The Movie’.

Trevor Sorbie

Another British maestro Trevor Sorbie is considered a favourite of hairdressers. He is renowned for the Wedge Cut, The Scrunch and The Chop and actually worked for Vidal Sassoon and John Frieda during the 70s.

To this day he is famous for his innovative and stylish hair styles, which many young apprentices try to emulate, and has won more awards than anyone else in the industry. He now regularly appears on shows such as GMTV and This Morning providing advice and expert opinion and picked up an MBE in 2004.

Andrew Barton

Andrew Barton is a long-standing ambassador for hair dressing in the UK and regularly advocates the importance of education in the industry. He forecasts new trends and his insight and knowledge is used by many top fashion publications. Not only this he has also won awards such as, ‘Ultimate Hair Icon’ and ‘Hairdresser of The Year’.

His trademark styles are realistic wearable day-to-day looks as opposed to high fashion concept cuts. Andrew Barton is currently creative director for Saks which is the largest salon chain in the UK and is also the spokesperson for Kerastase.

Nicky Clarke

Nicky Clarke is as much a television personality as he is a hairdresser and has cut the hair of Britain’s rich and famous including Princess Diana, Liz Hurley and David Bowie and appears on shows such as GMTV and This Morning. He was awarded an OBE in 2008 for 30 years of service in the hairdressing industry. He now has his own range of hair care products and salons across the UK in most major cities.

Charles Worthington

Charles Worthington has won many accolades throughout his career including ‘ London Hairdresser of the Year’ and ‘British Hairdresser of The Year’ twice. He is famous for his boutique style concept salons based in London which employ over 100 staff and service over 2,000 clients every week.

He now regularly conducts teaching seminars across the world for L’Oreal Coifurre. Charles Worthington’s success has transcended hair styling to include a hair and beauty range which is sold in 10 different countries worldwide.

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