There are many different reasons for balding and solutions are being rapidly developed to cure them. The causes for balding are largely the same for both men and women. This article will attempt to explore some of the most common reasons for balding in both men and women.

One of the chief causes for balding in men and women is stress. This is particularly true for people who work in stressful situations and work environments. Stress constricts the blood vessels that deliver blood to the hair follicles. From simple biology, we know that blood carries nutrients to the body cells. Therefore when less blood is available to the hair follicles, there will be less nutrients and hence new hairs will not grow. Of course the average person loses a certain amount of hair per day but since these hairs are quickly replenished by the hair follicle, the loss isn’t even noticeable. However, as the hair follicles gradually become incapacitated to produce new hairs, the loss of hair starts to become apparent and that’s when balding is said to occur. As such one needs to avoid stressful situations or find ways of coping with stress that is so prevalent in our work situations today. You can do this by regularly exercising. Exercises that can prove beneficial include squatting, yoga, some weightlifting, etc. Such exercises help your mind to relax and to produce hormones. Sleep should also be encouraged as it aids in clearing the mind.

Another reason for balding both men and women is the uptake of inadequate nutrients. Certain nutrients are vitally important for the production of new hairs. For instance, proteins help to build new cells, including hair cells and such they should be taken in large amounts. Foods that are rich in proteins include animal foods and low fatty foods. Red meat is however not recommended as it may cause an increase in cholesterol levels in your body. Other nutrients that if not taken in correct amounts could lead to balding include: vitamin A, vitamin B6, folic acid, copper, zinc, and iron. Iron is a key component of the red coloring matter of the blood. Sources of iron include whole grains, liver, etc.

Choosing inappropriate hairstyles is also one of the major reasons for balding. Use of chemicals may result in burns that may react with the scalp and hence lead to temporary or permanent baldness. It is vitally important therefore to choose the right chemicals for use on your hair. You should regularly consult your doctor or hair stylist before using such chemicals. The use of tight hair styles such as braiding and cornrows can also lead to a receding hair line. Heavy ponytails and Toppik may cause balding by pulling the hair from the scalp.

One of the major causes for hair loss in men however is the production of DHT, a hormone which affects the hair follicles and causes it not to produce new hairs. In fact this is the basis that hair loss treatment companies use. Hair loss in women is said to be greatly affected by hormonal imbalances and as such prescription drugs that are geared to their condition are also being developed.

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