Mid length hair styles can give you the look you want – easy and without fuss. From classic to trendy, you get maximum flexibility with styling ease – for just the right design you want.

Ahh… women and their crowning glory. When it comes to the way that they style their hair, women become almost obsessive that they spend a lot of money looking for just-the-right type of hair products; they spend a significant amount of money to get their hair styled at the best salons; and they are willing to wake up early in the morning just so that they can spend the extra hour or two styling their mane – just so that they won’t have a bad hair day at the office.

Perhaps the best way to take a short cut through all the time, money and effort that you are spending towards hair maintenance is by having the right hair cut and hair style that will suit you best in the first place. Here, we will take a look at the top mid length hair styles which stylists themselves recommend for this specific hair length.

Mid Length Hair Styles which are a Must-Try

So you’ve already decided that having a midium length design is the best look that will frame the shape of your face. Which mid length hair styles should you then go for?

Take a look at the following trendy, unique and classic mid length hair styles that every woman with this hair length must try:

The Medium-Length Bob

When you flip through Hollywood celebrity magazines, the medium length bob is the style popularized by Gwyneth Paltrow, and was also seen on Eva Longoria. As the name implies, the medium-length bob is a hair style which is parted in the middle, with the ends of the bob neatly curving inwards. This is a neat, feminine look that will elongate the look of those who have round-shaped or heart-shaped faces.

Straight Medium Cut with Bangs

Another great way to style and add some texture to medium-length hair is by having your stylist add some bangs into it. What this does is update your look without really chopping off majority of your locks – it’s a quick pick-me-up hairstyle whenever you need one.

The Blunt Cut

If you have fine, short hair, for example, the medium blunt cut is a great way to add some texture and volume to your hair. Ask your stylist about the type of blunt cut that will suit the shape of your face the best.

Naturally Curly Mid-Length Hair

What better way is there to maintain the natural state and texture of your hair by keeping it just that? Naturally curly, but with a medium cut. You can either wear your hair loose or tame your locks in an updo style whenever the occasion calls for it.

The Shag

Finally, the medium shag is similar to the style sported by Jennifer Aniston in the hit show “Friends” when she still had medium length hair. However, the medium shag is a more updated look because it has more defined ends and bangs which are split in the front so that more texture and depth to the hair style can be added.

Take your pick from these mid length hair styles and look your absolute best!

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