Gothic hairstyles are inherently mysterious. Big gothic hairstyles are the hairstyles that are truly romantic. Many favor the big gothic hairstyles that have an element of class and elegance in them. It has been around here for almost three decades.

Gothic Hairstyle Secrets

Big gothic hairstyles are achieved by curling, crimping and/or backcombing. According to the distinct style you require, the styling and cutting techniques adapted differ. The treatment methods also vary according to the specific gothic hairstyle you wish to have.

How To Sport Gothic Hairstyles?

Big gothic hairstyles require hair teasing or backcombing. Gothic hairstyles need use of hairstyling accessories like hair spray and hair gel. Big gothic hairstyles often require lavish application of molding mud. To make the long hair to stay big you need to use tools such as hair dryers, hair rollers, perms, curling irons or crimping irons. Other than these there are several other techniques available to make the hair stay big for that specific gothic hairstyle you like.

Tips for Long Hair to Sport Gothic Hairstyles

  • If your hair is long, it is somewhat difficult, due to the weight, to get the volume. So it is best advised that you go to a salon and get your hair thinned and properly textured.
  • When texturizing, all fine wisps of hair are cut at an angle and into a variety of thin layers. This will remove the extra weight. Thinning and texturizing of hair present amazing results indeed.
  • Molding mud is a styling product that can give volume. But be watchful as molding mud, when giving volume can take away the natural bounce and shine of your hair. To safeguard hair’s bounce and shine molding mud should be sparingly applied.
  • Use a detoxification shampoo once in a month to remove the entire harmful residue.
  • Regular trimming of long hair is necessary to maintain its health. If you do not trim at least once in six weeks the split ends may travel all the way up and damage your hair. Trimming removes the split ends and ensures healthy hairtips.
  • Even after thinning and texturizing your hair is still heavy, you can use a metal hair band to pile up the hair at the back to a messy updo. Then you can hide the metal band by styling hair flocks around it. This way you get a voluminous look at the back uneven lengths all around, the characteristic feature of a classic gothic hairdo.

If your hair is shorter curling and crimping can be avoided. And you can sport gothic hairstyles with just backcombing, firm hold sprays and gels.

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