Do you have long hair? Then you can sport a variety of beautiful braids. Braids can be simple or more elaborate to give that fabulous look. Ladies with long hair are really lucky, as they can play around with from easy to exotic braids.

Simple English Style Braid
This is the simplest form of braiding hair. Here hair is parted in to three equal sized strands. Each strand is crossed back and forth to form a braid. This is the simplest and easiest ponytail braid of English style. But actually the world of braids is more vast and interesting. Variety and experimentation are the phrases of braid hairstyles.

Braid Hairstyles Advice

  • There are braids that are really complex to do. But they are all nevertheless eye-catching.
  • Braids are suitable for women of all ages. Even those with chin length hair can sport braid hairstyle.
  • Braid hairstyle can be worn during the day and they even go well in the evening as well.
  • They look neat and off from your face.
  • Braid hairstyles are suitable for humid and sunny weather.
  • Braid hairstyles are apt for sports activities.

Beautiful Braid Hairstyles Tips & Tricks

  • When going for a particular braid style, before actually braiding your hair try performing it with just hands. Read all the instructions before hand and imagine that braid style first before actually doing it
  • When doing a braid it is not good to look in to the mirror often. It will confuse you. So just concentrate on braiding the hair and you can easily do it by intuition.
  • If you could not get the braid correctly, there is always second time and you can get it by practice.
  • Damp hair is easily manageable. So do your braid hairstyle when the hair is little wet.
  • Rubber bands should not be used to hold the braids. It will cause hair damage. Use proper hair accessories like bands, clips and barrettes to hold the braid.

Types of Braid Hairstyles

Some of the popular braid hairstyles are listed here just for you.

  1. English Braid with Chignon
  2. Dutch Braid
  3. Classic French Braid
  4. Invisible French Braid
  5. Accent Braid
  6. Princess Braid
  7. Cornrows

A ribbon or yarn can be incorporated into any kind of braid to get that dash of color and variety. Hair jewelry and fresh flowers look fantastic on any kind of braid hairstyle.

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