Looking for styling ideas? Layered hair styles for the fall and winter can give you the look you want that is easy and manageable. Regardless of your current design or hair type, layers can give you looks that range from sophisticated to sexy, and they’re easy to maintain — making styling during the cooler months easy and care-free.

Are you itching to try on a new look this winter but don’t want to do anything drastic with your locks? Unless you want to spend a few months waiting for your hair to grow back because chopping your hair off has proven to be disastrous — save for when you’re willing to wear hair extensions — then opting for a layered hair style just might be the best way to go.

Why Should You Go for Layered Hair Styles?

So why does it pay to choose layers over the traditional hair cuts which will create a drastic change to your looks? Take a look at the following benefits:

You can use any of the available layered hair styles offered by stylists to update your look, without having to chop off a good portion of your hair.

No matter what the length or texture of your hair is, getting a layered cut will frame the sides of your head, giving you a softer look which is flattering no matter what the shape of your face is.

Rather than obsessively maintaining exquisitely long locks, a layers are much more convenient to wear and takes a lesser amount of time to style.

If you have usually limp locks, layering would add some much-needed volume to your hair. Plus, moisturizing shampoos and conditioners along with styling aids designed to add volume, work better (visibly) with layers. Why? Because the longer strands don’t weigh down the rest of the design.

A Wide Array of Layered Hair Styles to Choose from

Are you ready to learn what the many different layered styles are that you can choose from? Before enumerating the designs, remember that it is better to have your stylist not make your hair any shorter than it is, but work on adding some texture and depth to your hair by layering it instead. Naturally, the exception to the rule is if you really want to update your look by going for a short, cropped design — with layers.

Now, take a look at the variety of layered designs which you can go for, just in time to beat the heat and look sizzling hot this fall and winter!

Layered bob — Remember the bob that Victoria Beckham and singer Rihanna used to wear? If you tried this hair style and it suited you particularly wear, what you can do to update your look for cooler weather is to go for a layered bob. Basically, the length of the bob will be kept — but the bottom part of the cut will be layered to give you an edgier look.

Short, cropped layers — For this, think Halle Berry when she still had short hair. Whether you’re wearing your short hair straight, wavy or curly, you can opt for a short and cropped that is oh-so-easy to maintain.

Medium length – Perhaps the best way to showcase just how great-looking a layered cut is would be when your hair is medium-length. For this, you can ask your stylist to cut your hair in such a way that the bangs at the front frame your face. Or, you can go for a sideways or middle-parted style with only the sides and bottom cut in a layered style, sans the bangs.

Long — Finally, if you don’t want to lose the long hair that you have grown for the longest time, you can have your stylist just trim the edges in a layered style for an instantly updated look.

Layers can give you exceptional styling options and they are some of the easiest to maintain. A quick blow-dry with a little texture (maybe) and you’re on your way. Whether you hair type is curly, straight, coarse or thin, layers applied to any styling give you great versatility — especially if you use the right products for body and volume.

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