So long-haired ladies, looking for some inspiration for a new style? It is not always easy for those with long hair to find a new style and sometimes it is even more difficult than it is for women with shorter hair. You would have to wonder why when we have more hair to play around with after all. The thing is, when we don’t wear it down it is often just thrown back in to a simple ponytail. Either we don’t feel like we have the time to create other styles or rather we just don’t know how.

Lets throw some ideas around to help you discover new styles and perhaps come across that one perfect style that you have always searched for or dreamt of having.

One of the best ways to find new hair styles for longer hair is the traditional method of equipping yourself with a few good hair magazines. If you don’t have the money to splurge – ask around your friends to borrow their copies or ask your local hair salon if they have any out-dated magazines they no longer use – they will still be beneficial to you.

Go with your gut instinct now – which haircuts make you look twice? You shouldn’t have to study too hard to find a handful that seem to call out for you. If you want, you could rip out the pages bearing the styles that you are interested in and lay them all out together in front of you. Is there a re-occurring element? For example, do a majority of the styles all have straight hair? Do they all bear a similar color? You should be able to extract some information as to what it is you really like and go from there. If they are all poker straight cuts then perhaps it is time to purchase a set of straightening irons? It might be something else that catches your eye – perhaps some trendy hair accessories that can instantly change your everyday look.

Aside from magazines, the other great place to go hunting is of course the web. There are millions of sites that have images of hair styles and if you come across a particularly helpful site – they will give you pointers about what styles will suit you. The more useful websites will ask you for a few details about the current state of your long hair, such as texture and color. They will also take into account your face shape which can play a huge part in choosing the perfect style for you. On inputting the information, you will get a tailored search and list of suitable styles – perhaps even with a guide as to how you accomplish the look.

If you are still unsure or haven’t made your mind up – your hair stylist can help and discuss possible ideas. Second only to yourself, there is nobody who can know better what styles will suit you. Tell them if you are after something that is easier to maintain or you want something that will make you look younger/older. Don’t be afraid to discuss all the little details – the more info they get from you the easier they can picture the desired look.

Playing around with hair products to achieve different looks also help – such as a mousse to give more volume at the roots.

Once you have discovered a few new styles, make sure you take a few more minutes out of your day to make yourself look and feel beautiful. Don’t always go for the easier options of throwing your hair into a pony.

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