Long hair is a pride of all women, though it is quite tiresome to maintain. Some may have very thick and coarse hair, some could have thin and straight hair, and others will have soft and wavy hair. Medium or short hair styles are very easy to do since they don’t actually require many clips to keep them in position. Here are a few tips on how to do hairstyles for long hair.

No one can resist turning their head when they see a lady with long lustrous and healthy hair walk passed them. To make this beautiful hair even more beautiful and attractive, you can do a bit of a wave that would make it real sexy. Hair is the most important factor in the beauty of a woman and hence it does have a bit of sex appeal.

One of the most common hair styles that ladies with long hair love to do is the French braid or the famous pony tail. These are graceful and will suit any occasion, formal or informal. You can do it up with a bit of beads and tiny flowers if you are partying. A slight twist with a beautiful hair clip will absolutely steal the show.

Another great way to style your long straight hair for a party could be like this — use a matching hair band that would be hidden in the hair, and make a small bun with the hair leaving some hair strands on the sides. Then twist these strands into simple curls and do up the bun beautifully with hair accessories. This is the perfect party style that would suit any type of weather or occasion.

Similarly, you can make a more sophisticated pony tail if you are attending a party by dividing the hair into four parts and carefully curling them into simple buns and dressing it up according to your choice. If you want something different for the office, grab one of the parts of hair and form a bun in front while putting the rest of the hair together into a high pony tail.

If you are fed up with straight hair, you can use sea salt spray to make it wavy by plaiting the hair and applying the spray for a while till it dries. When you release the plaits, the hair is beautifully wavy and will adjust to any hair style. If you are interested in a side parting, you can follow the same method of making a bun at the back with a few strands on either side which would give a perfect wedding-like appearance.

It is quite expensive these days to get hair-dos at the saloon. This is not necessary if you have the right set of tools at home. Styling the hair at home gives you the complete satisfaction that you have made yourself look great. Hundreds of hair styles and ideas on how to do hairstyles for long hair are available online. You can get to see the way the styles are being made which would be extremely easy and helpful.

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