Every girl dreams of her wedding day! How absolutely fun it is to plan! You can express your personal style in everything for this special day.
After the engagement, the plans start becoming reality.A� The hurdle most parents and bride have to get over is the cost. The bride and parents budget for all of the normal wedding costs.A� These are a few of the normal wedding costs.

  • Invitations
  • Engagement photos
  • Ceremony location
  • Minister to marry them
  • Ceremony music
  • Ceremony flowers
  • Ceremony candles and decorations
  • Photographer
  • Videographer
  • Wedding dress
  • Tuxedos
  • Reception
  • Dinner costs
  • Beverages
  • Wedding cake
  • Party favors
  • Rental equipment
  • Transportation
  • Honeymoon

After spending so much time and effort in planning for the wedding, many brides do not consider the cost of other personal services when they budget their wedding.A� Every bride wants to look her absolute best for her day.A� However, many brides forget about the extra costs of hair styling, makeup, manicure, and other personal services.

Some brides have found a way to express their own style and flair in their hair and beauty in an economical way.A� What’s their secret?A� They are turning to clip-on hair extensions to help them look their best for this special occasion.A� This is the “hottest” beauty item today!A� Whether they want a glamorous updo or long beautiful flowing locks, hair extensions can give them this in an instant.A�

Why would a bride need hair extensions?A� For women with thin or fine hair, extensions can give them length, volume and thickness.A� These would allow them to try new hair styles without a professional.A�A� The more hair they have the more dramatic styles that can be created.A� Women want to look and be special!A� Imagine transforming your short to medium hair styles into long free-flowing locks or a fabulous updo just for this special occasion!A�

What types of clip-on hair extensions are there?A� A couple types of hair extensions are natural human hair or synthetic. Natural hair extensions are considerably more expensive. The advantages with these is that they can be colored, curled, set, or treated. Applying natural hair extensions should be done by a licensed cosmetologist. They can be weaved or glued onto one’s hair. You could easily spend up to $2,000 on this type of extension. Synthetic hair extensions are less expensive but you cannot use a hair dryer on them, set them or color them. They are attached with a small clip. They can be put in and out in an instant.A� Most extensions come in a variety of colors to match your own hair.A� The extensions blend many color tones to give a highlighting effect.A�

Brides have fallen in love with these hair extensions not only for their wedding day but also for the ease of changing their hair look for their honeymoon.A� They can change their hair style to match their trendy fashions.A� Maybe they want ponytail curls or a long and sleek style!A� The extensions can be removed one day and clipped back in again for another event.A� How fun!

As my daughter and I are planning her special wedding day, we are experimenting with hair extensions for that perfect hair style for her veil and dress.A� Her dream wedding is right around the corner.A� Hope your wedding day is as you dreamed it would be! When planning your dream wedding remember this little hair styling secret.A� You will look gorgeous without going over budget.A� The possibilities are endless!

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