There are many techniques and methods in hair dressing that can be used to style our hair to create particular look. Whether it is done to created a strong impressions on another, to fit a certain style of an outfit or, to suit a certain mood and occasions. There are still some simple hair dressing styles used which can help enhance a person’s appearance. Below are a few common hairstyle techniques one can apply to create many different effects:

Airwaves – In this hair dressing style, you will need a styling lotion and an air styler with the brush and tong attachment. It is best to use gentle heat, combined with the hair’s moisture to achieve a long lasting curl. For a more controlled styling and finishing, the air styler must be switched to low speed. After your hair is shampooed and conditioned. Spray and misted your hair with the styling lotion. It is then dried, curled and waved with the use of brush and tong attachments of the air styler.

Barrel Curl – This is a hair dressing style that creates a soft set and is achieved by curling the hair around the fingers and then pinning the hair in place. First shampoo and condition your hair before starting. Next, smeared on setting lotion to set your hair, then combed your hair starting from the roots to the ends. A small section of the hair is then looped into a large curl and clipped in place. When all the rest of the hair are curled and clipped, it is dried with a hood dryer or allowed to dry naturally.

Crown Braid – Braiding the crown hair allows for an interesting contrast of texture. The volume of the curls may be increased by allowing the head to be tipped forward then applied with hairspray then scrunched underneath.

Micro Mini Braids – This is a young, fresh style which is ideal for teenagers. Hair is parted in the center and smoothed with a little wax. A section of hair is divided off at one side then divided again into three equal parts. Braiding is done the usual way up to the ends of the hair and secured with a small band

Rope Braid – Rope braid is a simple braid intertwined with a stylish rope for an unusual finish.

Hair Perm – Curling the hair or hair perm is one of the traditional hair dressing styles. It started way back in ancient Egypt when women of that time coated their hair with mud, used wooden rods to wound the hair with then used the sun’s heat to create the curls. Then in 1934, the cold permanent wave technique was developed and pioneered by AF Willat. Many are the types of hair perm. Body Perms are described as very soft, loose waves achieved by using large curlers. Root Perms give the root area a additional lift and volume as well as height and fullness which makes it ideal for short hair tending to go flat. Spiral Perms produce a romantic effect that is achieved by winding the hair around long special curlers. Stack Perms is a style where all parts of the hair is permed save for the top section. Weave Perms are created by perming certain sections of the hair and leaving the other parts straight to produce a mixture of texture and naturally looking body and bounce especially around the face.

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