Month after month we spend money at the hair salon or barber shop paying for someone to cut our hair. We could save a lot of money if we could just learn to use hair clippers. Hair clippers are what many barbers use to cut a flat top or a buzz. You can do this at your home and save yourself some major money over the years.

Hair clippers are used to create many different hair styles. The main hair styles that are created with clippers are all shorter cuts. The shields that you can put on the clippers allow you to make short or long cuts and all make the cut uniform all over your head.

To create a flat top or bowl cut the barbers use a shorter blade shield on the sides and back. A longer shield is used to cut the top portion and the bangs. A number two shield will give a very close cut on the sides but still show the hair. A number two shield looks great with a number four shield on the top and bangs.

If you want an even shorter look, go with a number one shield on the sides and back and a number two or three shield on the top. If the barber can figure it out and make the cut so quickly, then why can’t you do it at home? Clippers are fairly inexpensive and will save you a lot of money over the years.

There are also books on hair design that you can check out from the local library. They will show you the techniques that the hair stylists use to make their customers look so great. Simply follow the directions that are included and you will have a very stylish hair cut in no time and at your own home.

Imagine no more trips to the barber. No more spending an hour waiting your turn for a five minute hair cut. You will be amazed at home much time you will save. If you come home at nine o’clock in the evening and decide to cut your hair then, go right ahead. You do not need to wait until the barber opens in the morning.

If you have children that are boys you are probably spending just as much money on getting their hair cut as well. The clippers will give you the ability to cut their hair as well. They will love the looks that you can give them right in the comfort of their own home.

Some young boys these days love the look of a Mohawk haircut. You can very easily give your boys a Mohawk that they will love. Just select a size one shield or even go without a shield to cut the sides of their hair. Leave the middle long and the Mohawk is complete.

Owning a pair of hair clippers can save you a lot of money and time. You will learn to give haircuts from home to you and the boys in your family. You will no longer need to spend the time and money sitting at a barber shop. The savings will be realized as soon as you do your first hair cuts.

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