With so many different types of hair cuts and styles to choose from these days. Most women commonly are searching for the latest style or cut to make it their own. Now are there some guidelines to follow or use when looking for a particular hairstyle? The short answer is yes, so here are a few honest tips when it comes to choosing a hairstyle for yourself.

The very first thing here is you have to be real and honest with yourself. Meaning you’ll want to accentuate your best features, this will not only make you look and feel better, but it will attract the eye away for your least favorite features. For example if you have a high or long forehead bangs will accentuate the style.

So just be realistic when looking for new hair styles and cuts.

Your Face shape will play a big part in your hair style as well! A Hairstyle on a rounder shaped face would not necessarily want to have to many layers around the cheek and jaw area and you would be perhaps better to go with a longer style with the layers falling around the low neck and shoulder area. This style will downplay the width of your face. For longer faces, the hair can be cut shorter with bangs and have the hair blow dried outward. Which will give your face a wider appearance.

When looking for a great hairstyle, some really good advice I can give you is to look at some different hairstyles either on line or in magazines. Most celebrities have great hair styles as well. Then go ahead and narrow the search down to some pictures of women that have similar face shapes and features as yourself. Once you know your face shape. It will help you on deciding which hairstyle to go with.

When you have a wonderful haircut and style that match your facial features, then half the battle is won on having a look that will complete you. After you understand and learn a few good tips and techniques. It will ensure a perfect style for you. Knowing this fact, when it comes to choosing your style and cut will only complement your face shape and personality, which will only enhance the final result.

If you are not sure what your face shape is. Then one of easiest ways to find out is to just push you hair back away from your face. Standing in front of a mirror and then just trace the on line of your face on the mirror with lipstick. The shape that is closest to yours is the category your face shape will normally fall under.

These are just a few hair styles that work best for a particular face shape.

Hair Cut For Squared Shape Faces

The squared shape face tends to have a broader forehead and square jawline. long layers and soft curls work really good, This creates a nice softness that detracts from the hard lines of a squared shaped face. A side part combed away from the face works well too.

Hair Cut For Round Faces

Try having a cut that falls just below the chin. Having soft and lower layers work best because they give your face appearance of being slimmer. This style also tends to remove volume and weight from the sides. Consider having wispier ends. This will put less emphasize on the roundness of your face. Bangs are flattering, just be sure to keep them long or sideswept.

Hair Cut For oval Faces

The oval face tend to have cheekbones that taper down into a small or pointed, chin, and a narrower forehead. This shape is considered by most hairstylist to be the perfect face shape. If your face is oval in shape then you can get away with just about any hairstyle you choose.

Hair Cut For long Face

A long face is know for its high forehead and long chin, and what is commonly needed is the illusion of width. Soft short layers work well for this shape, or even going with a bob cut. Bangs will also shorten a long face shape right up.

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