When I was younger I had incredibly tight curly hair. I grew up through the seventies and the nineteen eighties. I hit the nineteen eighties in my teens through to my early twenties. The fashion in the eighties for girls was curly hair with a range of styles from tight curls to more relaxed wavy styles. The common style across these styles where the styles where always big full of volume.

Highlighted and brightly coloured hair was the order of the day, but there were other styles around in the eighties in the United Kingdom dependent on what style you followed.

What’s for sure is that in the 1980’s if you did not follow the style you would look out of place there was not any room for freedom, it was very much which style was in had to be followed. There is a great example of this is men growing their hair longer just at the back and having a perm applied just to this long part of the hair can you imagine that happening today? Fashion runs in cycles so perhaps one day? Men will say I am growing my hair for a perm!

Straight hair started to emerge more in the nineteen nineties. Straight hair had been around in the eighties spiked hair looks were in fashion, especially for men. Women in the eighties would always try to have a perm applied to get the curly hair look. In the nineties the hair iron emerged and this paved the way for an easier to achieve straight look. Before the introduction of the hair straightener, chemical hair straightening was used. The hair could be chemically straightened this was first made popular for afro hair with a really tight curl which even now is difficult to straighten even with a hair iron.

Chemical straightening in the early days was done using believe it or not a perm solution. Instead of putting the hair in curlers instead the hair was washed applying no conditioner and then perm solution applied and combing through constantly for around twenty minutes. Early perm solutions where not like they are now much more potent and they stung the skin this was not a very comfortable process to sit through. What it did do was relax the hair and had great results on afro or tight curled hair. It’s even still used today for those hair types on a three month basis making straightening with a hair iron easier.

In my opinion fashion and hair styles in the year two thousand have become a lot less rigid in a particular style. This is not the case for the male youth as strict trends are followed such as the latest male celebrity look. What’s changed is mostly in ladies hair fashions, they consist of now poker straight looks and loose curls with volume. It is not unusual these for a female to have a couple of hair styles in her armoury. This I think stems from the celebrity culture as often hairstyles are linked to a particular look or outfit. In this decade hair has never been more different in trends and styles with a mix according to such factors as mood, outfit and hair type. The one common denominator is to create these styles hair length is important so the use of hair extensions has been made popular. Hair extensions make it possible to have any style even if your hair is short. With all the hair tech that is around today the hair industry has never been so diverse and changing. This provides lots of freedom of style and expression that can only be a good thing.

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