Angular long face is also known as a diamond shape. It is a cross between a oval and a heart. What hairstyles are the most suitable ones for angular long face shapes? Well, there’s a bit of good news for those people who have angular long face or diamond shape. If you’re face is into this kind of shape, you don’t need to worry much of what type of hairstyles you are going to wear as you can wear almost any hairstyle.

Most of the hairstyles recommended for angular long face shape have the objective of creating more of an oval shape so all of the features will be lifted up through framing the face. So, it is great to try and search what angular long face hairstyle is best and works for you

How To Choose the Best Angular long face hairstyle

There are some angular long faces shapes that require the maintenance of the hair fullness at the back of the neck or the nape portion. This is to balance the narrow chin and cheek bones as compared to the exact shape of the heart. It’s also a definite try for angular long face shapes the hairstyles with shoulder length cuts, feathered edges, chin-length bobs, defined curls but with chaotic sexiness and plenty of fringes. Always choose the angular long hairstyle that will not hide the dramatic features of your face. Also, in choosing the perfect angular long face hairstyles for you, always ensure that you compliment and balance out the shape of your face.

The characteristics of an angular long face shape include widest at the temples, short forehead, very high angular side, and uncommon to other face shapes. Because of these characteristics, there are only certain hairstyles that look good on this face shape though many hairstyles are applicable. Among these certain hairstyles include the mane of disheveled curls yet very sassy, flicks, heavy fringes, feathered shoulder-length, chin-length bobs, and a fusion of heart and square proportions. Since angular long face shapes have narrow portion at the eye and jaw lines, a long hair will suit very well. Adding fullness on the curls also gives emphasis on classic look. However, always avoid hairstyles that will resemble the angular long face of your shape. Always balance the accent of your eyes to other features of your face to have the best angular long face hairstyles that you can have.

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